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TMCEE is a worldwide project management group based in California, USA. TMCEE is specialized in creating projects and non profit organizations globally. TMCEE creates platforms, offers hosting services, marketing and educational services. check our story to learn more 🙂

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Owlet Born

In a far far away land, opened an owlet its eye for the first time in its life, filled with energy and the enthusiasm of every baby, looking to take its first steps.

Her Growth

Slowly, she grew up... And slowly, she felt powerful, with grand ideas swirling around her little head.. Learning a bit by bit, she found herself dealing with all types of the whole animal and birds kingdom around her land, the small ones and the big ones, the multinational, the local and the international, she felt proud, she knew she was on the right track.


Now she could fly, now she could see her deals all over her land. But that was never enough! She wanted her ideas to be global, she loved helping other animals, and she loved finding creative solutions for them, helping them rise in their business, helping them leave a mark.


She started to spread her wings, a little higher, wanting to explore the lands around her, and she found itself in an icy land, it was cold, but it was grand, the city lights, oh my, the city lights! She never thought she would see something so beautiful, they told her this is the land of dreams, this is the land where her dreams will come true, she looked around and found bigger owls all around her, huge owls, owls with branches all over the globe, owls with suits and owls with little owlets following. This new land she was in was so big, she wanted to explore each and every part of it, she spread her wings again until she found a nice place by the beach, sunny weather, and a bright future. That was the place she wanted to station herself in, and there she landed on a tower, filled with magical thorns and bushes, a small town inside the big city, with big hope she approached, and she offered them her ideas and eagerly they agreed and gladly she started a new project, and successfully she did it


Now the owlet, is a big owl, a fierce one, not only stationed in one place but three! Now she keeps on expanding her services and helping others reach their business goals. Now, she is TMCEE global, for digital marketing, stationed in Cairo, California and Dubai.

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